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Welcome to Cybergenics America. We will soon be offering the latest health and fitness products for 2019… So stay tuned for that.

In the meantime, on this website we will be offering advice to fitness enthusiasts and we hope that we can answer any questions that you may have.

We understand that some our customers who are keen to get their hands on our latest products and are also looking to get answers to many many questions. We hope to answer them here.

Helping Bodybuilders Everywhere

Our professional bodybuilding customers understand the importance of nutrition in bodybuilding which is why so many use our supplements.

But for many people, we are sure that by now you have discovered that getting in fantastic shape is tough. Actually, making any significant self-improvement is difficult. We know that working out and eating correctly still takes time and if you are trying to build muscle, there are some excellent supplements for muscle gain that can help.

But generally, other types of physical health, whether that’s quitting smoking, shedding unwanted fat, or selecting a meditation practice. But why?

It is like your actions do not match up with your desired outcome, however determined you’re getting. It is confusing, it is frustrating, and it is why so a lot of individuals never attain the body they desire. Your conscious ideas, feelings, and well thought out decisions are not as’aware‘ as you believe they are.

Actually almost all of your choices, ideas, and feelings are created subconsciously, and they are predicated on a life of opinions and expertise. It seems just like you are thinking things through and coming to decisions, when actually, these ideas and decisions have already been created beneath the surface, and you are simply becoming conscious of these.

Let us put it this way- creating the adjustments required to get into in fantastic shape and increase your own life is kind of like an android robot hoping to reevaluate its own programming. But this does not mean that you can not make the adjustments required to acquire in amazing form. Regardless of your subconscious programming, free-will is present, so you have the capability to pick.